Distribution Partner

RB HomepageKON Chemical Solution is the exclusive Austrian distributor of the Redbox waste water technology system from Morselt. KON Chem also supports projects with the Morselt system in countries where there is currently no dedicated Morselt distributor.

The Morselt Redbox cleanses your waste water using the electro flotation technique. Water is discharged in the Morselt Redbox reactor using direct current, in the course of which oxygen is released. The oxygen oxidizes intensively with the pollution that is present. The oxidized waste substances, in turn, begin to form flocs with dissolved iron and aluminum particles. The necessary floc formation is possible in waste water with a pH value between 5 and 9. Outside of this ranges we can add a pH adjuster to the process, before the electro flotation does its work. The final result of this electro flotation techniques is purified waste water and filter cake.

The Redbox system persuades with its simplicity and effectiveness.

Advantages over chemical waste water treatment systems:

  • No use of cost intensive chemicals
  • Lower operating costs when compared to chemical systems of similar capacity
  • The separation of pollutants is more efficient than with chemical precipitation techniques.

The Redbox system is a proven technology which has been purifying water systems since the 90s. More than 250 installed systems with a diverse range of industry partners are a testament to the quality of the system.

We will gladly answer any questions that you have about the system.

Send us a sample of your waste waters and we will offer you a free examination of how efficiently and effectively the Redbox system will work for you!