Feasibility Studies


The technical feasibility studies from KON Chemical Solutions demonstrate the possible solutions for a project based upon the necessary technologies and their practicability. As part of the deliverables from KON Chem, the possible solutions will be identified and analyzed. Another important aspect of the feasibility study is the risk assessment, as well as the identification and evaluation of the critical success factors. Checks will be put in place to ensure that the required results can be achieved under the given technical conditions with the considered technological approach.

Besides the technical and business assessments, aspects in the form of CAPEX/OPEX appraisals can also be highlighted.

Finally, KON Chemical Solutions produces a comprehensive report during the study which will provide support to the client along further steps in the process. A solid feasibility study from an independent engineering contractor who is at the cutting edge of technology, also provides an important information source for partners and investors.