– P Acid Regeneration

CMI ind 1Acid regeneration plants have been the state of the art for decades and have come into standard use in the steel industry for use in the rolling mills. Iron oxide is removed from the surface of the steel sheet using an acid and the resulting solution can be recycled. This recycling process is good for the environment, reduces dangerous goods transport and saves money.

It is possible in the future that this technology can find a new application in the area for raw materials extraction.

CMI ind 2

In order to perform hydrometallurgical operations, the recyclables must first be transferred into the aqueous phase. At this point mineral acids often come into use. From a process

engineering point of view, hydrometallurgical processes are always designed so that the acids that are used can be regenerated and reused. The goal is to create hydrometallurgical processes with closed acid circulation (loops).

KON Chemical Solutions has broad knowledge about acid regeneration technologies including spray roasting and fluidized bed processes, as well as the hydrolytic precipitation of hematite (PORI process) from iron in hydrochloric acid solutions. In particular, the PORI process can also be used for the selective separation of iron from multi-element solutions.