shutterstock_92625340Specialized processes also require specialized construction materials.

For leaching in the areas of hydro metallurgy and acid regeneration, acid media (pH=0), solid materials media, hot media and media that are a combination of the aforementioned types are often used. The handling of these substances poses special requirements for the materials and components used in construction. Steel, stainless steel or Hastelloy come up against their limits of usefulness in these conditions and are considered not safe for use.

Boron silicate glass, Email, graphite, titanium in diverse grades, niobium, tantalum, silicon carbide, PP, GFK, PVDF, PEEK, PFA are, however, materials that are particularly well-suited to these conditions.

KON Chemical Solutions has, through a dense network of producers and suppliers, access to the components from the appropriate materials or the capability to have the correct protective layers applied to the necessary components. Through this network KON Chem can acquire fans, coatings, pipes, pumps, heat exchangers, centrifuges, driers or band filters. The cost for a CAPE assessment can also be provided. In addition to these services, the network of KON Chem makes it possible compare prices for aggregate systems.

From the initial inquiry to the final negotiations, KON Chem can cover the entire procurement process. KON Chem has no established business relations with the suppliers of specialty equipment so you can rest assured that all procurement negotiations are performed purely in the best interests of the customer.