shutterstock_151451249_BeweissicherungThe creation of audit documentation processes for monitoring conditions that have changed or could change: For example when the reasons for breakage or damage to a system must be quickly diagnosed in or to bring the plant back online in a swift and orderly fashion. The facts and circumstances regarding the condition of plants and processes are documented. Through these processes, solid facts about the relevant conditions are available should there ever be a dispute.

When such a process is performed with an authorized expert, the quality and reliability can be greatly increased due to the top quality certification and oaths of the expert as well as the expert’s neutral position towards the relevant issues.

In the case of an audit that is ordered by the courts the opposing parties are analyzed during the process and the resulting documents will be recognized as evidence.  Private audits are also possible, but because of the oppositional nature of the opposing parties are not involved, the resulting report has less legal weight.