Background Ore Extraction Calculator

At the Ore Extraction Calculator , we assumed for the purpose of simplification and generalization that specified inputs will be completely dissolved as metal chloride. Furthermore, it was assumed that the elements present in oxide form no hydrogen formation occurs during the dissolution process.

It must  also be noted that the solubility in acids of ores depends on their molecular structure. For example, titanium as illmenite soluble in acids, while TiO 2 is frequently not soluble. Separate measurement of the solubility of ores can be made only on the basis of structural analyzes of ore samples. KON Chemical Solution can perform the appropriate analyzes and evaluations.

The calculations assumes the formation of the following metal chlorides:

  • AlCl3
  • BaCl2
  • CaCl2
  • CeCl3
  • CoCl2
  • CrCl3
  • CuCl2
  • DyCl3
  • ErCl3
  • EuCl3
  • FeCl3
  • GdCl3
  • KCl
  • LaCl3
  • LuCl3
  • LiCl2
  • MgCl2
  • MnCl2
  • NaCl
  • NdCl3
  • NiCl2
  • ScCl3
  • SmCl3
  • SrCl2
  • TbCl3
  • TiCl4
  • TmCl3
  • YbCl3

For  the  acid volume  calculation, the density concentration dependency  of hydrochloric acid is considered. Beside that an acid temperature of 25 ° C is assumed. The corresponding values ​​were taken from the literature (Perry_Handbook).

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