Speaker at HydroMetEC

8. November 2021 Life Long Learning Seminar „Hydrometallurgy in raw materials utilization“


Topic „Challenges of bringing a process from lab to industry with examples from the ongoing ENSUREAL project“

Upscaling a chemical process is a tricky task. It is comparable with growing up and becoming an adult: a baby during its first days of life is amazing, cute and it is a real wonder that all is in place where it should be. A chemical process at lab scale is as well sometimes a wonder, and as the scientist you love it as well as the unique and perfect products it produces. During growing up we have to learn how to walk, run, read, drive a car,… and a similar development has to take place for a chemical process. After being able to produce grams of your product at reproduceable quality you must think about kg, hundreds of kg, ultimately thousands of tons. Steps that were very easy in the lab become very difficult at big scale, while operations that took hours in the lab become very easy at the tons scale when using the proper tools and equipment. A short introduction related to the exhaustive area of upscaling challenges will be given. The steps executed during the ENSUREAL 767533 project will serve as best practice examples. It will be shown that you have to walk before you can run and what has to be done to raise your baby.