Portrait David KonlechnerDI Dr.techn. David Konlechner

Chemical Engineer / Process Engineer
Court Surveyor

David Konlechner has a diverse background in engineering. It began with the construction of a pendulum clock during his studies at the Austrian Technical College for Precision Watches and Equipment. After successfully graduating from the “Higher Technical College for Industrial Engineering”, David Konlechner’s studies continued with a chemical engineering degree at the Vienna University of Technology where he completed his graduate degree ahead of schedule. He specialized in process, environmental, and energy engineering and investigated the behavior of a pressurized gasifier for biomass. Through these practical and theoretical experiences as well as an educational background in industrial engineering, chemical and process engineering David Konlechner has established the solid foundations in the disciplines which enable excellent plant construction.

Through his multiple years of experience in industry, David Konlechner developed in-depth knowledge of the execution of plant construction projects, beginning with technical sales on through to bringing the plan online. A particularly challenging task is working on the development and installation of clean, effective acid regeneration processes. David Konlechner has been there through it all, from the laboratory through to installation. During this time 2 patents were also filed for the new systems. An in depth knowledge of fluidized bed technologies, experience with procurement and the assessment of possible technological alternatives count among the core competencies of David Konlechner.

After several years of experience at VOITH, Andritz and SMS Siemens AG it was time for David Konlechner to seek out a new challenge. He found that challenge in the founding of an engineering office. Beside that the certification as court surveyor took place.

Key figures DI Dr.techn. David Konlechner

  • 2014: Certification as court surveyor
  • 2013: Launching KON Chemical Solutions e.U.
  • 2012- 2013: Launching MME Chemical Solutions OG and operation as managing director under trade law
  • 2008-2012: Process and sales engineer at SMS Siemag Process Technologies GmbH
  • 2003-2008: Study chemical engineering at Vienna University of Technology with a focus on chemical process and environmental technology
  • 2002: Military service
  • 1997-2002: Study at Higher Technical College for Industrial Engineering in St. Pölten